There are many options for surfacing your court. From simple re-coloring to major repairs involving asphalt and concrete overlays. There are also a variety of free-floating and fully-adhered “Overlay systems” placed directly on top of your existing weathered or cracked court. Many of these also provide the added benefit of “cushion”.

Pro-Sport has spent many years experimenting with different systems in effort to provide our clients the best options at an affordable price. We supply & install the following products because of the quality, reliability, and test of time.

Court Cracked?  Body Aches?  Frustrated With Your Game?  Shouldn’t Be!  We’ve Got Answers. Are you tired of unsightly court cracks every year? Does your body ache for days after your matches?  Is your performance getting worse?  If you answered yes to any of these, we can help.




Performance Court 300

  • Can be applied on asphalt, concrete, wood, indoor and outdoor
  • Perfect solution for a cracked court – eliminates future cracking
  • Fully adhered to the court
  • Easy to install, does not require big construction equipment, less damage to your lawn
  • True ball bounce, no dead spots, hollow sounds
  • 3 year warranty




Engineered to be more technologically advanced than standard hard court acrylics, Nova’ProBounce is constructed and installed utilizing eco-friendly materials. This patented system was engineered through utilization of energy efficient technology involving cold-applied, water based resin coatings and natural aggregates which do not risk harm to the environment nor to human health.

A patented monolithic overlay system which is completely detached from the underlying surface, Nova’ProBounce provides bio-mechanical benefits to the player which are unavailable on any other all weather court. Nova’ProBounce successfully bridges large structural cracks. Additionally, Nova’ProBounce provides a quiet, stationary pavement for the same competitive play as found on standard hard court systems. Nova’ProBounce is ideal for new construction on a crushed rock base.


  • Excellent overlay solution for cracking.
  • Eco-sensitive.
  • Quick installation turn around.
  • Ultimate hard court cushioned comfort.
  • Decreased player fatigue.
  • Reduced impact stress injuries.
  • No dead spots.
  • Excellent ball response and consistent traction.
  • Multi-year warranty




The Nova’ProAdvantage XP system is the ONLY TRUE DUAL CUSHIONED court system in the world. True, as it is the only synthetic turf system with an attached, eco-friendly urethane cushion base layer. The trinary combination of PE fibers, eco-friendly backing and special blended colored aggregate provide a cushioned surface allowing for longer lifetime play. While maintaining the qualities of high performance with play similar to that of a cushioned all-weather court, Nova’ProAdvantage XP is ideal for HOA’s, residential communities and the mature player looking to extend the life of his/her game.


  • Reduction of body stress with sure footed traction.
  • Vertical and dense fiber system means superior traction.
  • Cushioned backing lowers body aches and pains allowing for longer games.
  • High performance of a hard court ball bounce, spin and slice action.
  • Eliminates cracking, peeling, spalling and reflective cracks.
  • Plays quietly, cool and comfortable.
  • Easy install and low maintenance.
  • Highly visible lines = “SPORTLINE SYSTEM”.
  • Custom colors available including two-tone construction.
  • Eco-friendly cushioned backing & construction.